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    Stay at home fatherhood might sound
    like the ticket to musical dullsville. But at least three of family music’s
    top acts find that their kids actually inspire great songwriting. All are top
    sellers in a challenging business and win national acclaim for sophisticated
    music that reverberates with parents as much as the kids.

    After leaving a TV producer career to raise kids, John Boydston picked up
    his electric guitar and started recording original songs in his basement. He’s
    parlaying the everyday fun and foibles of family life into songs with roots-
    rock appeal. Three of his four Daddy A Go Go CDs have made’s Top 10
    Best of the Year list, and all have won several national awards. As the New
    York Post quipped recently, “this is one hip daddy!” See

    The Imagination Movers, a rock and hip-hop influenced quartet of dads
    from New Orleans, performs for audiences around the country, singing about
    messy rooms, healthy snacks, sibling rivalry and other topics that relate to
    being a kid — all inspired by the Movers’ own offspring. On their new DVD and
    regionally aired PBS videos, the Movers don their signature blue coveralls,
    bang on trashcan drums and get kids moving and singing along with their high-
    energy tunes. The Movers’ two CDs have earned 11 national awards and launched
    the XM Satellite Radio #1 hit song “I Want My Mommy.” See

    The dad duo who make up Trout Fishing in America are experienced musicians
    whose repertoire of humorous folk-rock tunes grew to include family-oriented
    themes over the past decade. Nominated for two Grammy Awards for their family
    CDs, Trout Fishing in America songs provide an offbeat and always amusing look
    at life. Ezra Idlet and Keith Grimwood play more than 100 gigs per year, so
    their kids are used to sharing them with legions of fans. “It can’t be
    Disneyland every time you show up. There are things like homework, yardwork
    and other things to attend to,” quips Ezra. See

    All of these dad-created CDs and videos are available online.

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