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    wondering if any1 can help..?
    when i plug my strat into any amp, it makes a horrible mellow hissin sound. it isn’t particuarly loud, just a constant drousy noise, and very annoying!! howeva the guitar stil works threw an amp, just has 2 put up with this noise in the background. wonderin if any1 had any idea wot the problem could be???

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      miss match on a fuse wont have any effect on the amp other than blowing the fuse again or damaging another part of the circuit, which could have happened. Have you also tried switching the lights off? they could have an eefect on it, also having it near a computer monitor? i would also try moving the amp to a friends house to rule out your electricity supply.
      move the amp to another room too.
      Amps can be very annoying when you notice a hum or buzz, i have a Vox AC15 all tube amp, and it have an annoying buzz at volume, took me a day of to fix, i had the thing in the middle of the garden to rule out things in the room buzzing, and eventualy found it was a badly manufactured reverb unit, it was fixed with a peice of blue tac.

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      OK, a bit more info on the Fender 50 would help, then. If you give me the model type I’ll have a look and chew my pencil (knowing if it’s valve or solid-state helps).

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      lol – thankfully i’ve discovered its not the strat!! which is good news.
      it made the same noise in another amp, but i think that was just coincidence. ive plugged several guitars into my 50watt fender amp, and the noise is stil there – i blew the fuse a while back, and replaced the original clear, seethrough fuse for a green coloured 1. altho it stil projects a guitar when connected, im wondering if it cood b the fuse.
      wot do u fink??

      cheers for the help

      ps – leads are fine, ive tried a few, and the nasty droanin sound continues to annoy me!!

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      Welcome, Red. It sounds like a bad earth between the guitar and the amp, but please come in with more info to help out. Have you tried another lead, another channel on the amp, another guitar on the amp, another amp, etc?

      If you have, it helps to cut down the possibles. Also, do you get “DUR DUR DUR” noises if the lead is moved around? And does the hiss die down if you put the hand over the strings? Most cheaper or 2nd hand guitars have rubbish jack-sockets or loose wiring to earth.

      It’s not an expensive or difficult fix.

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