Fender Custom Shop 2013 Collection Videos

Better late than never, Fender launches a series of videos that showcase their 2013 Custom Shop Collection.

Fender Custom Shop 2013

With these new videos, you can now see and hear for yourself how the new Custom Shop instruments perform.

The announcement came really early, in fact we were able to feature the Custom Shop 2013 Collection here at Guitarsite right before 2013 came in.

Surprisingly, the video demos for the new instruments took quite a long while to be ready, a good 8 months at that. But still having the demos late is better than just imagining how the guitars sound like.

There were eight guitars and two basses announced, each one carrying features that make them familiar and yet unique. As expected, many of the new instruments showcase Fender’s love for the “relic” or “aged” look. All of them feature the Fender’s best craftsmanship as well as material selection, which also means that they won’t come cheap.

During the first part of the year, many were left hanging, because like other high-end guitars, the new Custom Shop guitars and basses did not have accompanying video demos to showcase their potential. Questions like how the Okume body would affect the new Custom Deluxe Strat, or how the Twisted Tele pickups change the tone of the Closet Classic Telecaster Custom – were all left unanswered.

Now if like us, you were wondering about these special guitars, then you will be pleased to know that Fender finally decided to put up a series of quick demo videos, showing their top-of-the-line instruments in action. Although there are complaints about the lack of tremolo bar usage and the lack of air-time on some of the pickups, the videos do present the instruments as they are plugged into an amp.

We’ll be posting some of the videos here for your viewing convenience, you can find the other videos by visiting Fender’s YouTube channel.

For more information on the 2013 Collection, visit Fender Custom Shop.

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