Fender Mustang Floor – Multi-Effects Pedal

Fender dives head first into floor pedal effects territory with their first ever multi-effects pedal, the Fender Mustang Floor.

Fender Mustang Floor

NAMM 2012 witnessed Fender’s bold unveiling of the Mustang Floor, an offshoot of Fender’s Mustang series, employs Fender’s own digital amp modelling technology.

The Mustang Floor is essentially a Mustang amp without the power amp and speaker, housed in a sturdy and intuitive floor pedal. It is designed to provide you the same Mustang amp versatility without the added weight, giving you the option to integrate Mustang’s digital amp modeling to your own preferred amps or rigs.

Just like most modern multi-effects, the Mustang Floor packs a lot of effects in its slick and slim form factor, with more than three dozen digital effects available. The Fender Mustang Floor can behave as a modelling preamp with low-impedance speaker-emulated outputs for creating realistic guitar amp tones when connected directly to a PA system. You can also use it with your existing power amp or powered speakers if you want to move the air as real amps would. Finally, you can use it to silently practice with your stereo headphone.

The Mustang Floor has nine footswitches and a solid aluminium treadle style control pedal. It has an intuitive Mustang III control panel and LCD window for quick patch editing. It comes fully equipped to handle a variety of musical applications with its 12 amp models, 37 effects and 100 factory and user presets. There is also an individual stompbox mode where in you can bypass the amp models. Other practical features include a chromatic tuner, headphone output, auxiliary input, dual XLR and dual ΒΌ” line outputs with level control. The Mustang Floor also conveniently connects to your computer via USB connection for editing patches and for recording audio.

Fender Mustang Floor

The Mustang Floor pedal comes with the Fender Fuse Software, which is a free download that allows on-screen parameter control, “hidden” parameters, deep editing, easy firmware upgrades, unlimited preset storage and additional free content in the form of patches and updates from Fender, Fender artists and other users.

The Fender Mustang Floor has a manufacturer suggested price of $399.99.

For more information and detailed specifications, you can visit Fender.

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