Fender Mustang Mini Amplifier

The Mustang Mini Amplifier is Fender’s latest portable, ultra compact amplifier with built in effects and amp modeling, and is nominated as one of the best practice amps.

The Mustang Mini Amp is the latest addition to the Mustang amplifier line. Only this time, Fender decided to make a Mustang that is compact, mobile, battery powered and USB compatible. You have instant noodles then you have this, your instant Fender amp.

Without even going into much detail of its specifications, take one glance at this baby amp and you will immediately fall in love with it’s cutesy look. It still has that macho fender mustang amp design with it’s carbon-tweed cosmetics, but in a cuter package – think Japanese “Chibi”. At a mere 7.25 lbs, the Mustang Mini will literally be your baby, lightweight and compact, you won’t have to strain your back lugging it around for gigs, and with the Fender logo, you’d be a proud dad or mom where ever you go.

Don’t be fooled by it’s cute looks though, because it does pack a good punch. Packed in with the 6.5″, 7 Watt speaker, are electronics loaded with 8 digital amp models and a dozen digital effects. Take your tone anywhere – literally. You can choose from the 24 onboard presets or you can mix and match these digital effects and amps to get the tones in your head. If you still need more, you can download presets online via the Fender FUSE connectivity, you can even get artists presets through it’s USB port.

To wrap up the features of the Fender Mustang Mini Amp, you can do a digital recording via the USB interface, it has a built in tuner, tap tempo button, and it has intuitive and programmable control knobs.

Just don’t forget to bring your reserve battery when you plan to rock out all night.

I saw this amp being sold for $129.99 at zzounds.com. You can pair up this mini amplifier with our selection of cool small electric guitars.

For further details check out Fender.com

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