Fender presents new Passport PRO Series

Any time and any place you need big sound with great clarity and convenience, there's a new Passport PRO system by Fender that's right for you. Take a close look and listen, and we know you'll agree that Passport will take you places now as never before, Sound That Travels.

Fender actually started in the mid-1940s with portable PA systems, a tradition of quality and versatile sound that continues today with the new PRO series your Passport to portable sound that's clearer, more powerful and more convenient than ever.

Fender's three new Passport systems, the 500 PRO, 300 PRO and 150 PRO bring you the best sound, style, convenience and cost that the Passport line has ever offered. Experience enhanced sound in brand-new Passport designs that are actually smaller, lighter and easier to use, all with greater value than ever. Simply put, they're just plain better.

The new PRO models are the latest step in the ongoing evolution of Passport into the very finest in portable PA solutions. We've kept the best of previous Passport generations and added new features and improved functionality so that new Passport systems are ideal for whatever your application may be—education, sporting and worship events; meetings, seminars and presentations; gigs at parties, small clubs and coffee houses.

All three new Passport PRO systems build on the strengths of their predecessors, each one is lighter; each one boasts updated, more natural-sounding reverb; each has an improved mixer and control layout with a clean new look and recessed LEDs; each speaker enclosure has standard 35mm stand sockets and, as noted, each one is actually more affordable than its earlier version.

The Passport 150 PRO

The new four-channel Passport 150 PRO system boasts:

– Lighter weight, a full 3 lbs. lighter than the earlier Passport 150 system.

– Two stereo channels, up from one on the earlier Passport 150 system.

– Improved speaker voicing.

The Passport 300 PRO

The six-channel Passport 300 PRO takes its predecessor, the Passport PD-250, to the next level with:

– 300 watts of power, up from 250 watts.

– Sub-out jack for an external powered sub-woofer.

– Lighter weight, a full 12 lbs. lighter than the earlier Passport 250 system.

– Smaller physical dimensions.

– Phantom power.

– Redesigned speaker system with improved clarity.

The Passport 500 PRO

The eight-channel Passport 500 PRO is the new top-of-the-line Passport system. The 500 model has always had the most power and the best clarity; now it also has:

– A port that lets you record your performance with CD quality (.wav) straight to a USB flash drive.

– CD-quality .wav and mp3 file playback.

– Sub-out jack for an external powered sub-woofer.

– Lighter weight, a full 9 lbs. lighter than the earlier Passport 500 model.

– Smaller physical dimensions.

– Redesigned speaker system with 10″ woofer and improved clarity.

For more information, please visit www.fender.com

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