Fender Replacement Necks and Bodies

Fender now offers authentic replacement necks and bodies for their popular electric guitars and basses.

Fender Replacement Necks and Bodies

Currently they have replacement parts available for the Stratocaster, Telecaster, Precision Bass and Jazz Bass.

To ensure authenticity and exact specifications, Fender manufactures these necks and bodies at the same facilities that build the instruments. This means that the part you will get will come from the same production line as the instrument it was normally used on.

Fender ensures that every detail is correct, including the contours, finishes, fret sizes and all other materials. So in essence, the replacement necks and bodies come from the line of parts used on their production guitars and basses.

Both Mexico made and American made parts are currently available. The MIM or Made in Mexico necks follow the same quality and specs as their instrument counterparts. The U.S.-made necks on the other hand come with the same detailed frets as the American made guitars they sell, also featuring satin finishes on the back and hand-rolled fingerboard edges that makes it comfortable to play.

The bodies are Urethane-finished and come with either alder or ash wood. They feature a special thin undercoat that Fender claims to help increase resonance. All the parts are sanded and hand-finished by the same Fender Craftsmen that work on their production line instruments.

These bodies and necks are meant to breathe new life into existing Fender instruments. They will make great replacements for worn out parts and they can also be used to change your instrument sonically and visually – for example, you can switch out your 21 fret neck to a 22 fret one, or you can change from rosewood to maple and vice versa. Switching the body to your preferred finish or wood type is also another possibility that these genuine parts bring. Also, these genuine necks and bodies can serve as functional DIY electric guitar kits, on which you can incorporate your preferred hardware and electronics to create you personalized electric guitar.

Since the bodies, necks and headstocks are all made by Fender, this also means that other Genuine Fender parts like tuners and bridges will fit nicely. Fender also provided nifty tutorial videos on how to properly join the neck with the body, as convenient reference for those that will buy these parts.

The price range varies from $169 to $500 with the USA made ones being more expensive. To check out the various replacement necks and bodies available, you can go to Fender.

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