Fender Sells Guild Brand to Cordoba

Cordoba Music Group announces intent to purchase the Guild guitar brand from Fender.


This announcement comes after the news of Fender halting the production of US made Ovation guitars, another brand that Fender acquired.

It appears that negotiations are well on its way, and Cordoba has already finalized their letter of intent to purchase Guild.

With this announcement, the closure of the New Hartford, Connecticut facility is making more sense. Fender Musical Instruments Corp (FMIC) scheduled to close down the facility because they were already negotiating sell Guild and move its USA operation is moving to Cordoba’s factory in Oxnard, California.

At least Fender did not just close down Guild like they did Hamer, so there may still be hope for the Guild brand.

FMIC’s interim CEO and board member Scott Gilbertson says, “It was important for us to find a great steward to continue the important legacy of Guild guitars. We have found a great fit in Cordoba Music Group, a company committed to quality and with impressive U.S.-based production capabilities.”

According to the official press release, Guild guitars will continue to be sold by Fender during the transition process. Upon finalization of the sale, Cordoba Music Group will begin producing Guild guitars in their factory at Oxnard, Calif.

It is unfortunate that the once great Guild brand, which successfully competed with Martin Guitars in the ’60s, ends up being passed around by bigger guitar companies. They were acquired by Fender in 1995 and continued to produce various acoustic and electric guitar models until today. Soon Guild will be under Cordoba, who promises to grow the American brand. I expect that Guild guitars will allow Cordoba to compete in the steel string acoustic guitar market, while the Cordoba brand continues developing nylon string guitars.

Cordoba Music Group President Jon Thomas says, “Guild is an iconic American brand with a rich heritage and we’re truly excited and honored to be the ones to move it forward. It’s a great complement to our current position in the acoustic guitar market and provides opportunities for growth in new categories. We will continue to make instruments of exceptional quality in the USA, and look forward to giving one of the industry’s great American brands a new home.”

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<div class="cmt-sbj">Guild 6 string cut away DCE-5 $1,2500</div><div class='author-st'>Loves_to_play</div>

Who can I contact to resolve this problem , I have a DCE-5 Guild an The Bridge is pulling off. I’ve had this Guitar for several years now . I’ve been playing for 20 yrs so this guitar has NOT been OVERTUNED EVER. And a Guitar of this caliper the bridge should not be pulling off. Guild sold to Fender and now Cordoba , And no one wants to FIX this problem. I’ve got a 12 string Medallion that’s at least 35 years old an the bridge is still on top, and I pad $150.00 for it.

Guild 6 string cut away DCE-5 $1,2500
<div class="cmt-sbj">I'm sure the guitars listed</div><div class='author-st'>Anonymous</div>

so what happens to guys like Ren Ferguson and Doyle Dykes who are relatively new with Guild. think they’ll stay on?

so what happens to guys like
<div class="cmt-sbj">PROUD OWNER OF GUILD GUITARS!!</div><div class='author-st'>Larry Chisholm</div>

Hello Guild guitar Company,
I feel sad about what this company has gone thru. Please Cordoba Music group help Guild to grow strong and continue to make the finest guitars made in the USA!! I have two Guild guitars (JF65-12 12-string made in USA and GAD-50E made in China). I know the GAD-50E is not USA made, but it does have the work in it that Guild still makes the finest guitars in the world!! I still have a dream to own a Guild D-55 acoustic electric guitar! Once again I want to say to the Guild company don’t back down keep on a trucking!! Keep making the finest guitars in the world!!!!!
Thank you,
Larry Chisholm
Music/Guitar Teacher
Saginaw, MI

<div class="cmt-sbj">Long Live the King</div><div class='author-st'>stevieod</div>

It is a sad statement that Fender has failed with the guitar brands they brought into the Fender family. Hamer, Ovation and now Guild have been shed like so much dog hair by Fender. I am hoping that Gibson does not follow suit with the guitar brands they brought into the Gibson family.

Rickenbacker, Gretsch, Harmony, Kay, Silvertone, Danelectro, Kramer, Mosrite and other guitar manufacturers deserve to be carried on into the future. PRS and other new guitar companies certainly have carved out their niches in the guitar world, but there is a foundation upon which all guitar companies now starting out stand on.

I just hope that the Ovation name returns and that Guild will have continued success with Cordoba.

Fender Failed
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