Fender Tim Armstrong Hellcat-12

The Fender Tim Armstrong Hellcat-12 is the 12-string version of Tim’s popular six string signature acoustic guitar model.

Fender Tim Armstrong Hellcat-12

This 12-string guitar follows after the original Tim Armstrong Hellcat which is based on his old ’60s Fender acoustic.

The original Tim Armstrong 6-string model is one of Fender’s best selling artist models, its appeal will once again be put to the test with this new 12 string version.

The double skull inlays at the twelfth fret is an obvious hint that this is not your average acoustic guitar. Aside from the skulls, the 20 fret rosewood fingerboard is adorned with Tim Armstrong approved pearl acrylic Hellcat logos, indicating that this 12-string is ready to rock. The neck is made of maple and has a scale length of 25.3″.

At the core of this 12-string guitar is a concert shaped body with a solid mahogany top. It is the same type of wood that inspired many of the songs that the legendary band Rancid made famous. The guitar features modern scalloped X bracing while multiple body bindings and a ’70s F Style rosette add to its aesthetic appeal.

The Tim Armstrong Hellcat-12 is stage ready, and to capture your sound, it is equipped with a Fishman Isys III System with Active On-Board Pre-Amp that has controls for Volume, Treble, Mid and Bass. It also comes with a built-in Chromatic Tuner.

Fender Tim Armstrong Hellcat-12

The strings are held in place by a rosewood bridge with compensated saddle. Other unique features include a 4-ply tortoiseshell pickguard, Tim Armstrong signature on truss rod cover, black-painted headstock, and synthetic bone material used for the nut and saddle.

This 12-string acoustic guitar is currently being sold online for an affordable price of $399.99.

For more information about the Tim Armstrong Hellcat-12 and to check out other acoustic guitars, you can visit Fender.

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