FH(fx) releases the 1134 Fuzz Pedal

FH(fx)has released the 1134 fuzz, an angry, punishing fuzz, but one that does it with a grin on its face and its tongue in its cheek! It's a multi-textured fuzz with many faces! Full on, it's a blistering, splattery synth fuzz explosion…back things off and you'll find several growly fuzz textures and even some great overdrives. There's nothing else like it!

The pedal can be purchased at FuzzHugger.com (also a dealer for Diamond Skeleton, Mellowtone, Pro Tone, Devi Ever, and Smallsound/Bigsound).

The Controls:

– Gain Trim: From a fuzz growl to absolutely blistering when fully opened up (when it's maxed out, you're in humbucker-only territory).

– Texture: Lets you control the texture of the fuzz. At full gain, hard left is blistery and hard right is splattery. With the Gain Trim backed off, you can manipulate the Texture knob for different fuzz and overdrive flavors (slight scratch as circuit rebiases).

– Level: Your master volume control…with a huge amount of available volume.


– Dual silicon diode fuzz!

– Gain Trim, Texture, and Level controls.

– Finish: smooth gloss top, satin brushed sides.

– Professionally printed circuit board.

– Red LED.

– True-bypass switching.

– 9v negative tip adapter power. (No batteries.)

– Rugged aluminum enclosure.

– Five-year warranty.

The 1134 fuzz is available for $109.00 (introductory price)

For more information, please visit www.fuzzhugger.com

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