Firebelly Amps to exhibit at Summer NAMM

FireBelly Amps will be an exhibitor at the summer NAMM show on July 17, 18 and 19. FireBelly has introduced three special edition models that will be produced exclusively for distribution through music stores.

These are upgraded editions from the current models being produced and sold exclusively on the internet. The new models have enhanced features such as top of the line components, G10 Glass Epoxy boards, modified boost circuits, special edition speakers, six spring Accutronics reverb tanks for ultra lush verb and much, much more. FireBelly has also partnered with Jensen and will be exclusively using some of Jensen's finest speakers in their amps.

This new line of hand built, vintage tube amplifiers will only be offered through fine music stores. Internet sales of the base amplifier line may continue for a short while, but will likely be phased out since only a limited number of hand built amplifiers can be produced by FireBelly's owner, Steven Cohen. Cohen, who is an attorney mediator/arbitrator by day, has been building amplifiers for almost 40 years. In his pursuit for “that tone”, he built the first “FireBelly” for himself. Having numerous requests to duplicate the prototype amp, Cohen started producing 3 to 4 amplifiers each month with orders coming in as fast as he could send completed amps out the door. After streamlining some of the building processes and bringing his son into the biz, Cohen decided to take his line public and is offering three distinct models loosely based upon early '60's and late '50's vintage tube design circuits. FireBelly Amps, according to some very discerning customers, has exceeded all their expectations for vintage tube amp tone and Cohen has become quite well known for his ability to promptly respond to email messages and provide top level customer support, something that has become a bit of an anomole these days.

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