Firebird X – Has Gibson Gone Too Far?… BTW they’re holding a competition and giving one away

Update: Firebird X has been delayed and improved – read the story here.

Gibson are comparing their new Firebird X Electric Guitar to “the world’s best street legal sports car in looks, feel and performance”.

One thing is for sure – this is definitely different to the kinds of guitars we’re used to from the company that makes the famous Les Paul.

What is less clear is how loyal Gibson devotees will respond, quite a number of guitar bloggers aren’t on side. Here’s an example from muzicosphere:

“”Not every company is Apple… Not every company can do what Apple does i.e. launching just about anything as if it was a revolution, and get their fans to approve. Gibson tried once again to play it like Apple. They tried for a couple of weeks to create a hype around this so-called revolutionary instrument. But comments before, and after the unveiling of the Firebird X showed that once again the fans won’t buy these marketing arguments.””

When I first saw it I thought maybe it was a Halloween prank. Take a look for yourself:

Gibson Firebird X

Gibson Firebird X

Gibson Firebird X

Not everyone shares the same taste – so if you want to enter the competition to win one continue reading…

The word “revolution” can mean different things to different people. Show us what the word “revolution” means to you, videotape it, post it on YouTube, fill out the form below (you must include the YouTube “embed code” in the space provided below.) Gibson will then choose the best revolutionary display among all entrants, and the winner will become the proud new owner of Gibson’s most revolutionary guitar – the new Firebird X! Other prizes will be awarded, too, including Gibson t-shirts, hats, watches and pens. Get crazy! Have fun! Be revolutionary!

All entrants must have their videos posted on YouTube before midnight (ET) November 26, 2010. Gibson will choose the top 15 videos from all entrants. Judging will be based on originality, creativity, adherence to the theme and overall quality. These top 15 videos will be posted at on December 1, 2010. Fans will then vote for their favorite video. The video with the most votes by midnight (ET) on December 15, 2010 will be the Grand Prize Winner.

For all the details on the Competition go to Revolution Calling! Win a Firebird X – YouTube Contest

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5 thoughts on “Firebird X – Has Gibson Gone Too Far?… BTW they’re holding a competition and giving one away”

  1. Firebird Yucks

    I didn’t need a reminder of why I play Fenders, but this sure is one! Gibsons — too expensive, most all sound the same (fat & muddy), and every new one that comes out looks weirder & worse than the last. And they can keep their robot guitars, too, as I already know how to tune a guitar. What WERE they thinking. R.I.P. Gibson.

  2. “”Not every company is Apple” –Why does Apple have to come into every conversation? Gibson is a guitar company, Apple make computers. Pretty much every article I’ve read off this site in the last year mentions Apple! Why don’t you call the site “Guitarsite&”

    1. The "Apple" reference in

      The “Apple” reference in this story comes from the attempted showmanship of Gibson’s CEO – frankly it fell flat, the failed attempt at smashing a guitar was lame.

      Steve Jobs is a showman and pulls this stuff off, although I’ll admit he didn’t look that impressive at the Garage Band 11 launch – but at least he quickly handed over to someone who could do their job.

      If you watch the launch of Firebird X and Garage Band 11 back to back you’ll see that Gibson modeled the entire event, including the lead up publicity, on the Apple model, but it lacked the execution (and the product IMO).

      And that’s the point – Apple’s success under Steve Jobs has been in hyping an old idea well (smart phones and touch tablets were not invented by Apple, neither was the GUI combined with a mouse), but Gibson decided to use the Apple model to do something Apple doesn’t use if for – to launch a concept product with a combination of other ideas into a new product.

      Maybe the problem is with me, maybe I’m stuck in a rut thinking a Les Paul is a Les Paul, and a Strat is a Strat, and Bluetooth is something you use with your phone and not your axe, and maybe I’m wrong.

      I’ll let the guitarists of the world decide – and I’m betting they don’t rush out for a Firebird X.

      PS – I’d also like to point out that since I returned to back in June, that I don’t think I’ve published any other Gibson or Epiphone stories that mentioned Apple – and I’ve done a *LOT* of Gibson/Epiphone stories.

  3. Firebird X

    Too far??

    Absolutely no way, I know that some of you realists may hate this next comment but this guitar will prove to be for guitars what avatar is to movies. Simply put this changes everything and a new door has been opened and I would love to have one.

    Jim Leighty

  4. I guess it has it’s place and devotees, but I simply don’t like it! I would much prefer that Gibson concentrate of building quality and traditional guitars and forget about all the “bells and whistles” stuff!

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