Fishman Fluence Modern 8-String Humbuckers

Fishman adds an 8-string electric guitar compatible humbucker to their innovative multi-voice Fluence pickup line.

Fishman Fluence 8-String

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This new humbucker is made available in response to demands by 8-string guitar players, giving them the opportunity to utilize the Fishman Fluence’ multi-voice pickup technology.

Fishman is a prominent pickup builder who built their reputation with their great sounding acoustic pickups. Now the company has been expanding into the electric guitar market with their own uniquely designed line of humbucker and single-coil pickups.

The technology behind Fluence is complex but the goal is straightforward, the company want to reproduce the tones of sought after vintage pickups while addressing the inherent limitations and problems that they come with. To achieve this, they designed their own pickup from scratch, which according to the company are free from hum, noise and inductance issues.

On top of getting the sound properly reproduced and the issues addressed, Fishman also added voice shifting capabilities into the design. According to the company, “Each Fishman Fluence pickup has two distinct and useful sounds on-board. These sounds start with the revolutionary Fluence Core, the heart of Fluence tone. From this Fluence Core we then create the classic timbres and tone—colors you expect from great guitar pickups—as well as some you’ve never expected.

The Fluence 8-string humbucker marks yet another expansion, this time catering to modern 8-string electric guitars. This pickup is part of the Modern Humbucker line, and comes in two models, Alnico and Ceramic.

The Fluence 8-string Alnico has two modes, the first voicing gives you Alnico magnet tones that are according to the official description sound full, round and boosted with articulation and dynamics. Voicing #2 is something that you won’t get from regular pickups, described as having a crisp, clean and fluid tone. This particular model is designed to work well in the bridge position.

The Fluence 8-string Ceramic model reproduces the ceramic active tone of modern pickups in its 1st voicing. The 2nd voicing transforms the pickup to behave more like a passive high-output humbucker. This particular model is ideal for the neck position.

Here is the pricing table for the new Fishman Fluence Modern HB 8-string:

  • Alnico Black Plastic $181.75 MSRP
  • Ceramic Black Plastic $181.75 MSRP
  • Set of 2 Black Plastic $324.61 MSRP

For more information on the new Fishman Fluence Modern 8-String Humbucker, head over to Fishman.

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