Free The Tone Ambi Space AS-1R Reverb Pedal

Japan based pedal manufacturer Free The Tone introduces the Ambi Space AS-1R, a 32-bit DSP based reverb pedal.

Free The Tone Ambi Space AS-1R

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Going beyond your average reverb pedal, the powerful DSP and reverb options available make the Ambi Space AS-1R fully capable of being used as an outboard reverb unit for your music production needs.

According to Free The Tone, this new pedal took a long time to develop, and required them to combine their experience and expertise with both analog and digital sound processing. Finally, the pedal is now almost ready for public consumption, and the company hopes that not only guitarists, but other musicians who are into recording will find it useful.

To achieve studio quality reverb sound that you can precisely control, the company equipped this this reverb pedal with a 32-bit dual core main CPU and a 32-bit co-processor, all of which work together to perform high speed calculations to generate realistic reverb sounds comparable to more expensive rackmount effects.

This increased processing power, allows the 32-bit DSP to produce natural sounding reverb, with the harmonic structure intact. The press release mentions that to achieve this, complex reverberation patterns are being added to the sound in multiple stages.

There are six total reverb modes available, first four of which are the essential and familiar ones, including room, hall, plate and spring. The reverb sounds are not directly injected into the original signal, rather it is mixed in via an internal analog mixer. This way, the clarity of your tone is preserved and you can still output your un-effected signal to an amp or outboard gear when you need to.

The other two reverb types are FTT (Free The Tone)’s original creations called “CAVE” and “SERENE”. Here is how they describe them: “The early reflections and late reverberation are added in multiple steps to realize a complex harmonic structure comprising enhanced frequency components, all of which creates an almost magical, transparent and spatial sounding reverb like you’ve never heard before. These new reverb sounds will stimulate your imagination.”

The pedal can hold up to four presets which can be recalled by MIDI program change numbers. This means that you can change to four different settings that you prefer in realtime. Check out the official video demo below:

Finally, the pedal features FTT’s “Holistic Tonal Solution” circuit, which manages signal comprehensively from input to output to ensure that the character of the original input remain intact, whether the pedal is engaged or not.

The new Ambi Space AS-1R reverb pedal is scheduled for release starting November 22, 2016, with a suggested retail price of $380. You can head over to Free The Tone for further details.

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