Free Tune Up and Guitar Strings from Fender

Fender will be providing free guitar tune-up services and guitar strings as they tour North America for the month of July.

Fender Tune Up

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All you have to do is show up with your guitar or bass at their scheduled appearances and you can avail of their free offerings. While they work on your instrument for free, you can check out the many Fender guitars that will be showcased at each of their scheduled events.

This promotional tour is called “Fender Tune Up”, launched to bait you with freebies in order to get you to try and possibly buy their guitar products. It is set to start on July 2 and is expected to run until the first of August, note that participating dealers will only offer the free strings and tune up on the day scheduled.

The tune-up and free Fender strings offer is only applicable to acoustic steel-string guitars and electric guitars, and covers both 6 and 12 string versions. The inclusion of 12-string guitars is quite special, especially if you have a 12-string guitar and you’ve been putting off changing the strings because a new set costs more and setting up can be quite troublesome.

The company did not neglect the importance of bassists in this tour, and as such they are also servicing bass guitars for free, and giving away a new bass string set for them. This is an impressive move by Fender, especially since bass strings are quite expensive, and they even support 5-string bass guitars with the same freebies.

This is great news for both owners and potential Fender guitar buyers, where in owners can join the events nearest to them to avail of the freebies, while prospective buyers can check out the latest from Fender and talk with their experts to help them with their choice.

The official press release says, “Does your Fender instrument need a little TLC? Bring in any guitar or bass to any participating dealer during the days listed below and we’ll slap on a set of Fender strings at no cost to you. We’ll also tune your guitar so you can get back to playing in no time.“.

Some of the popular venues that will be participating in this tour include, The Tweed Hut Music Store, Chicago Music Exchange, various Sam-Ash branches, Alto Music and many more. For the complete Fender Tune Up Tour schedule, visit Fender.

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