Fuzz Box Girl

Fuzz Box Girl

Being the manly man,

That I am,

I thought I’d give it a whirl,

And mention

Fuzz Box Girl.

It’s true to say that the attraction between humans (and possibly other species, but that’s a different streaming video story) has been the cause of much poor poetry over the millennia.

And Fuzz Box Girl has certainly generated more prose than your average guitar gear reviewer since she burst onto the scene a couple of weeks ago.

In those short two weeks she has amassed over 23,000 youtube views.


Well she’s clearly very good at grabbing attention. Sure, initially that’s been due to her name and product demos such as the Angry Dick 2000 pedal, but once you watch a few of her videos you realize there’s a little more to it than just sex appeal – or is my thinking clouded in some way?.

I don’t think so – this is more than just the novelty factor of ‘Chicks with Picks’. She has the right gear including some nice guitars going into a VOX AC30, and she sounds like she knows what she’s talking about.

She also has a sense of humor, and has solved that age old problem of which cocktail to drink when playing through a specific pedal.

The real question is will she still be around in a couple of months, or will her approach prove too gimmicky to stand the test of time?

Fellow Australian Peter, over at iheartguitar.com, doesn’t seem to think so – he predicted she will own the guitar world, although his deadline for that happening has already past.

Anyway, you can decide for yourself – her YouTube channel is youtube.com/user/FuzzBoxGirl

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