Fuzz Light Year by Marrs Pedals

Marrs Pedals offers a versatile pedal that has two fuzz types built in – the Fuzz Light Year.

Fuzz Light Year

The Fuzz Light Year offers two fuzz options, one channel uses transistor gain staging and germanium diode clipping while the other uses Op-amp gain staging and MOSFET clipping.

You can play with the two channel options to find the right Fuzz that fits your style and song. Fuzz Light Year can give you fuzz tones ranging from Velcro Fuzz and all the way up to distortion.

The Transistor/Germanium section gives you in-your-face fuzz tones with more compression and slight gating. The Op-amp MOSFET section gives you tones revolving around the velcro fuzz tone with variable noise.

The bottom right knob is a unique feature of Fuzz Light Year that regulates the voltage to the circuit, it is called the De-Voltaire. Max setting will give you full bass response and the overall volume will be higher, and playing around with the knob will give you varying fuzz tones.

Here is a quick video demonstration of the Fuzz Light Year

You can checkout more information and order the Fuzz Light Year directly from Marrs Pedals for $190 CAD. Upon ordering, there are even customization options to help you get your personal fuzz tone.

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