FuzzHugger(fx) releases the Phantom Ring

Following a month of pre-orders, FuzzHugger(fx) has released the Phantom Ring–a hand-built, fully analog, multi-effect pedal! With three footswitchable modes and two voice toggles, the Phantom Ring delivers an incredible range of octave (up and down) and ring modulation tones! While the pedal delivers some classic tones, it's unique circuitry also generates many new and inspiring sounds.

Mode One is a slightly dirty octave up with some ring mod resonance, while Dual Mode is a blistering octave up fuzz. Mode Two features fat octave down fuzz and fuzzed-out ring modulation tones…flip a toggle, and it's a darker fuzz/overdrive hybrid. Thanks to intuitive switching and controls, it's easy to switch between any of the pedal's modes. The Phantom Ring joins FuzzHugger Effects' primary lineup, continuing their dedication to truly unique and innovative designs.


– Independent dual footswitches

– Multi-mode operation

– Gem button LEDs

– True-bypass switching

– 9v – tip adapter power

– Enclosure measures 4.7″ X 3.7″

– Lifetime warranty!

Price: US$149.00

For more information, please visit http://fuzzhugger.com/

This is a Press Release

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