G5191BK Tim Armstrong Signature Electromatic Hollow Body from Gretsch

Featuring the Gretsch G5191BK Electromatic, a loud and ferocious hollow body guitar that carries the name of Rancid founder Tim Armstrong.

The G5191BK Gretsch Electromatic guitar is carefully crafted to meet the demands of Armstrong, who aside from founding Rancid is considered to be the grand daddy of punk.

This guitar is designed to resonate with deep and huge tones. It has a bound single cut-away hollow body, and features parallel tone bar bracing with sound post and bound f holes. The body is made of Laminated Maple and is covered with a great looking ominous flat black Matte finish.

Your fingers can run all day on the guitar’s bound rosewood fingerboard, this is set up nicely on top of the guitar’s one-piece maple neck. The fretboard is littered with Acrylic block inlays which matches the white graphite nut.

The G5191BK is fitted with a bound headstock, showcasing a pearloid Gretsch inlay and bearing Armstrong’s signature and stamp of approval on the truss rod cover.

Other pertinent hardware that adds to the sound and looks include the dual “Black Top” Filter’Tron™ pickups with gold-plated bezels, which are controlled by a simple three-position pickup switch. To make the guitar more eye catching, all the hardware is gold-plated, this includes the Grover® tuners, Adjusto-Matic™ bridge and the harp tailpiece. Good news for Lefties, left-handed models are available.

The Gretsch G5191BK Tim Armstrong Signature has a manufacturer retail price of $1,650.00

For more information and detailed specs about this guitar, head over to Gretschguitars.com.

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3 thoughts on “G5191BK Tim Armstrong Signature Electromatic Hollow Body from Gretsch”

  1. Gretsch Dorado Jumbo 5967
    Janet K Moe

    About 20 years ago, I loaned my Gretsch Dorado 5967 jumbo guitar to someone and when he moved, he never returned my guitar. This was the first guitar I bought back in 1976. Anyone know where I can find another. I’ve looked all over the web and can’t find. This was a beautifu looking guitar with the ‘moustache’ bridge and fancy fret inlays.

    1. Yes it's been around for

      Yes it’s been around for just over a year, but we though it was an oversight not to mention it when it first came out.

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