Gadow Guitars reintroduces the Custom and Classic Bass

Gadow Guitars has announced the re-introduction of their Bass guitars . They have come out with the newly designed Basses after production stopped on their first generation design in 2006. The Basses are being built in their work shop in Durham, NC. The new Basses are offered in two configurations, the Custom and Classic. The Custom comes standard with swamp ash body, figured maple top, and active Bartolini pickups and pre-amps. The stripped down version is offered as the Classic and comes standard with swamp ash body and passive Bartolini pickups.

Gadow Basses

The instruments start at $1599 retail and are only going to be available from six authorized Gadow dealers.  Gadow Guitars' clean, elegant designs use the highest quality tonewoods and hardware. This, combined with their obsessive attention to detail, creates some of the finest custom electric guitars and basses in the market. Each Gadow instrument is set up, tested and signed personally by Ryan Gadow to ensure the highest level of quality.

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