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    I am new to this site and already have a question, sorry. I got a hold of a Garcia grade 3 guitar about ten years ago, i was 13,and until now i never thought of doing reaserch on its value until now. I live in Houston and there are a few places to go where people know these guitars. A few do and the estimates i’ve gotten are from 50.00 to 00.00 but when i checked this website it tells me that the price is or was 300.00 dollars and when i take the info to the guitar stores here it blows their minds and can’t believe it. It be nice to know if anyone here has any info on it and can you share it with me cuz i don’t know much about guitars, much less classical guitars. I really don’t know if i want to sell it but i just want peace of mind, the people at the guitar stores are sometimes dumb, like the young dudes that work there, they don’t know much. And the older people at various stores have told me “it’s a guitar worth keeping”. they have repeated this many times so i know its not as crappy as some of these other young dudes say it is. Thanks for reading my long post.

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