Gary Kramer releases F-1, 7-string, 36-fret guitar

The newest addition to the Delta Wing series guitars, Gary Kramer Guitar has announced the “F-1” guitar. The “F-1” guitar was named for the reason of having 1 pickup, 7 strings, and 36 frets. This “F-1” is a true wizard instrument that is not for the inexperienced.

Gary Kramer F-1 Guitar

Seven-string guitars have been designed and constructed for years, while the vast majority of these instruments have inherited construction parameters from their six-string relatives. While designing the “F-1” guitar, the goal was to utilize a double-extended approach to the six-string guitars.

The “F-1” features increased sonic range which stretches from low B, all the way to a 4th octave of high E. Taking the length of the “F-1″'s neck into consideration, it was imperative to be perfectly stable. Therefore, it was decided to construct the “F-1” using a five-piece lamination process. This design required only the best quality of well seasoned, quartersawn Wenge/Maple combinations. For increased playability the fingerboard utilizes two different fret sizes. Medium jumbo frets are installed from the 1st to the 24th fret position, with Vintage-sized wire running from the 24th to the 36th fret positions. Unlike other seven-string necks, the shape is the heart and soul of this instrument. The “F-1″'s unique flat-neck profile provides thundering amounts of sustain.

The Delta Wing design approach allows for maximum ergonomics, perfect balance and easy access to the extended upper register.

MSRP $1495.00

Hard Shell Case Included

You can check out the “F-1” guitar at

9 thoughts on “Gary Kramer releases F-1, 7-string, 36-fret guitar”

  1. Re: The newest addition to the Delta Wing series guitars, Gary... Gary Kramer releases F-1, 7-string, 36-fret guitar

    I played this guitar. Here’s my take on it..

    The body shape is actually a plus as it is extremely ergonomic. My first thought was “what a ridiculous body shape”, but after playing it, I was impressed with the ergonomics.

    There is no room to pick! That is one of the most stupid things about this guitar’s design. There’s like barely an inch between the humbucker and the fretboard. Where the HECK are you supposed to pick?!

    Frets 24 and up are completely USELESS unless you are a rat. The only use I can see is Satriani type pick tapping. Yeah. We really need a special 36 fret guitar for pick tapping.

    I also played the 24 fret Floyd Rose stocked Delta Wing. I am seriously mulling buying one of those. I had no complaints with that one.

  2. Re: The newest addition to the Delta Wing series guitars, Gary... Gary Kramer releases F-1, 7-string, 36-fret guitar
    Lucas from OZ

    This axe is lovely, however they need a greater cutaway from the 24fret back towards the bridge.

    I’ve seen other 36 fret guitars with better access to the higher frets, even tho I very much doubt you’d often use all the 36 frets, altho I’d certainly give it a bash.

    Lucas from OZ.

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