Gaskell Guitars now offering a Mahogany Firestarter

The Gaskell Firestarter, a left handed “Firebird” inspired guitar produced by Australian left handed guitar manufacturer Gaskell Guitars, is being constructed from Japanese ash as opposed to mahogany. The change is in response to the modern trend of guitarists in moving away from “heavy guitars” which eventually weigh the player down by the end of the gig causing discomfort and for some, possibly necessitating a trip to the chiropractor!

Firestarter Mahogany Guitar

The Gaskell Firestarter retains its through-body design with the neck/body piece being replaced with North American maple. The result is a very lightweight guitar with no drop in excellence of sound or playability, but definitely an improvement on endurance for the player. Already left-handed guitarists who have bought the new version are relaying positive feedback, as to it's easy of playing and sound.

The lightweight Gaskell Firestarter is now available worldwide. Because of the difference of wood the guitar has also been reduced in price, so is now even more affordable than before.

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