Gibson Alex Lifeson Double Neck

Gibson unveils the Alex Lifeson Double Neck, a replica of Rush guitarist’s own EDS-1275 Double Neck from the ’70s.

Gibson Alex Lifeson Double Neck

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This limited run guitar is based on Alex’s popular Farewell to Kings Double Neck, utilizing both hands-on analysis and digital scans of the original instrument’s neck profile and body sculpt.

The new Alex Lifeson Double Neck is part of the company’s selection of realistic replica’s, which faithfully reproduce minute details of the original instruments they are based from. Everything from the type of wood, finish and hardware are replicated, along with distinct markings, dings and scratches, resulting in a clone that will be hard to distinguish from the original.

It would have been nice if they released a non-relic version of this guitar, but I guess the fact that this is a replica of Alex Lifeson’s actual instrument will make this a truly coveted instrument for both players, fans and collectors.

Alex Lifeson said, “I acquired this (white) one in 1976, along with a cherry one, which I later gave to Eric Johnson. It’s been with me ever since, playing a constant role in the Farewell to Kings tour between 1977 and 1983, then again from 1991-1996, primarily for the song ‘Xanadu’. It was used to record the songs ‘Xanadu’, ‘Something for Nothing’, ‘Vapor Trails’ and others.”

This guitar is essentially an SG with two necks, one having standard 6-strings and the other having 12 strings. The body is crafted from mahogany, following the modified SG contour of the EDS-1275, and it comes in Gibson’s classic hand-sprayed nitrocellulose finish in Arctic White.

What sets this guitar apart is its double neck construction, both of which are crafted from maple. Gibson digitally scanned the original neck to make sure that the replica’s neck profile is as close to the original as possible. Both necks have a rosewood fingerboard and have similar specs that include 12″ fingerboard radius, 22 frets, and have the same parallelogram pearloid inlays. As expected the nut width of the 12-string neck is slightly wider at 1.687″, while the 6 string neck nut width is measured at 1.685″.

Giving the guitar its tone are four Custom Buckers, all of which are said to be designed to precisely mimic the tone and look of the pickups found on Alex Lifeson’s Double Neck. Other features of the guitar include the controls and electronics that are based on the original, Schaller Mini tuners, Chrome ABR-1 with Wire Retainer bridges and Chrome Claw tailpieces.

Much like most replicas, the new Gibson Custom Alex Lifeson will only see a very limited release, the first 25 of which will actually be played by Alex and hand signed. The MSRP is $$7,299, you can visit Gibson for complete specifications and other details.

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