Gibson Custom’s Collector’s Choice Series ’59 Goldie

Gibson Custom recently unveiled “Goldie”, the second Collector’s Choice series guitar, based on a 1959 Les Paul burst with serial number 9-0629.

The Gibson Custom’s Collector’s Choice is set to meticulously recreate existing rare Les Paul Standards that were produced in very limited quantities in 1959.

The second guitar to come from the Collector’s Choice series is a 1959 Les Paul burst which was nicknamed Goldie. This ’59 Les Paul Standard’s finish has naturally mellowed to a sweet, rich, golden “unburst,” a luscious deep “green lemon” amber tone at the center with just a hint of darkening around the edges, giving it a look that many guitar collectors adore. Thankfully, the guitar was well cared for in its 52 years, bearing only a few minor nicks and dings that all well-played instruments are supposed to have.

Gibson Custom designed this guitar to specifically follow all the important details of the original Goldie. Gibson used close analysis, multi-perspective digital scanning and measurement to make sure that the original Goldie is replicated in a near perfect condition with high level of attention to details.

Les Paul Goldie

The Gibson Custom’s Collector’s Choice series provide an uncanny opportunity for players and collectors to experience the original 1959 Les Pauls in a precise reincarnation of look, feel and most importantly sound. “Goldie” is set to be produced in strictly limited numbers, and all the Goldie guitars is to be sent to world-renowned guitar-aging artist Tom Murphy for hand aging, even the minor nicks and dings are precisely recreated.

Gibson Custom has hand selected figured maple and Hand-finished it in nitrocellulose lacquer. It is partnered by a light one-piece mahogany back which has faded to match the original Goldie’s soft brown back. The recreation also copied the one-piece quarter-sawn mahogany neck of the original, bearing the same rosewood fingerboard. To reproduce that vintage Les Paul tone, Gibson Custom equipped this Collector’s Choice guitar with a Burstbucker 1 for the bridge position and Burstbucker 3 for the neck.

Les Paul Goldie

Henry Juszkiewicz, Chairman and CEO of Gibson Guitar was quoted saying: “We’re extremely grateful that the current owner was so passionate about sharing his find that he was willing to work with us – lending us a highly valuable and incredibly rare guitar – and help us make this a reality…”

Henry continues: “A unique feature of the Collector’s Choice Series is that every one of the guitars made in 1959 has its own unique personality – its own fingerprint. Modern production techniques used today obviously didn’t exist, so each of the less than 700 ’59 Les Paul Bursts created has its own tone, its own feel and its own overall ‘vibe.’ Working with dedicated collectors like the current owner of “Goldie,” we are now able to truly capture and offer a limited number of what are literally one-of-a-kind guitars.”

Gibson Custom’s Collector’s Choice Series ’59 Goldie is probably the closest we can ever get to owning a vintage 1959 Les Paul Standard.

Gibson has priced this special guitar at $11,762.

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