Gibson Firebird X Sells Out

In this interview of Gibson Chairman and CEO Henry Juszkiewicz conducted recently at NAMM 2011, Juszkiewicz stated that all 1,800 copies of the Firebird X have been sold at the consumer level.

Now that’s an impressive feat for a guitar that certainly had the blogosphere in total revolt, and Juszkiewicz isn’t backing away from Gibson’s commitment to technological development.

This interview was conducted by Harmony Central.

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4 thoughts on “Gibson Firebird X Sells Out”

  1. Firbird Sellout

    Well I wanted to buy it, and I am a little unhappy
    that I was a little slow. Anyone who as it will be
    able to sell for more anyday, so it was probably a
    good deal.

  2. 1.8k sold? It’s difficult for me to believe that. After all what has been said about the look of this guitar?
    I’d never get on the stage with that.

  3. firebird x

    i don’t believe anyone had a problem with gibson’s pursuit of technological advancements, i think it has something more to do with aesthetics.

    1. I didn't like the look of the first version

      I agree with you – particularly the first version – the new swirl (aka bowling ball) finish is much better

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