gig-fx Launches Peter Frampton Signature Megawah Pedal

Peter Frampton has endorsed a gig-fx Megawah pedal specially tailored to his specifications.

The new Signature pedal has the traditional Megawah sound with a slightly warmer high end and more defined lower end response.

“My Signature Megawah is a very special pedal. It has a unique sound with a warmth I can’t get with anything else. It out-performs any wah out there with it’s exceptional tone and different modes.  I love it – it’s on my pedal board already!”, Peter Frampton said in the information we received from gig-fx earlier today.

Peter Frampton Signature Megawah Pedal

Here’s the information they sent us:

The all-analog Signature pedal features four settings actuated by a selector switch: a classic wah sound called ‘Cry’, the famous Megawah sound featuring a deep bass response for funkier quacking and more expressive wailing, a funky envelope wah with adjustable trigger sensitivity, and an auto-wah with adjustable rate. Four great effects in one pedal with superb analog tones.

The Signature Peter Frampton Megawah uses optical control and is by-passed when the pedal is all the way back and switches on noiselessly when the pedal is pressed forward. The pedal also features a user-adjustable off-delay so that the effect does not turn off inadvertently when rocking the pedal. Another difference is that Peter’s signature model is a mono pedal whereas the original Megawah is stereo in and out with two complete wah circuits. Being mono, Peter’s pedal offers cost savings over its stereo sister product.

The pedal features ‘Better than true bypass’ TM circuitry which preserves guitar signals through cables better than a true bypass will (see published test results on

Peter Frampton Holding His Signature Megawah Pedal

1 thought on “gig-fx Launches Peter Frampton Signature Megawah Pedal”

  1. The GiG Fx frampton wah
    Patrick Kem

    I am totally stoaked about this pedal. Sure would love to hear some sound Bytes though. Or maybe even You could get Pete himself
    to audition it for us on youtube. And just make it accessable to only members of Frampton’s website.
    But just from what I have heard of so far are conjuring up just about every nuance of tones that have been trapped down deep
    in my memory files!
    Since Peters days with Steve Marriot. To Framptons Camel. Man and of course the legendary Frampton comes alive.
    I am not too sure however how much of that Wah is being mingled with his Heil talk box. But never the less the sounds have
    been copied but never duplicated. Thank you so very much for allowing me to post this lengthy walk down memory lane.
    I still thing Pete’s Les Paul is a heavy piece of lumber though. Which sounds phenominal. But still heavy as crap! Cheers!
    Patrick Kem
    Long live Rock and ROLL!

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