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    I went to see The Schla La Las last night – see They were great fun, if a little chaotic. They are a five piece, one drummer, two guitarists and two bassists, and all except the drummer took turns on vocals.

    It seems to me that there are a lot more girl bands around these days, and I talking about real bands with instruments. A few months back I saw The Priscillas supporting The Damned ( They were really impressive, a sort of surfy/punky/rock’n’roll band. Again, great fun.

    Another girl band I’ve been watching over the past couple of years are Brighton’s Teasing LuLu (whose website seems to be dead at the moment… Oh dear… at least they can’t blame me – I used to be their webmaster until their management wanted a change). They started as a punk pop girl trio writing songs like “I don’t wanna be your waitress” and “Girls go guitar shopping” but in the space of a couple of years they have matured considerably and are producing some really killer tunes (however, they now have a chap on the drums – see Where Are All The Drummers thread – apparently female drummers are even harder to find).

    Anyway – girls with guitars – I think it’s a great thing, and I’m not talking about the likes of Katie Melua!

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      I actually found that Guardian article after I started this thread on here… just some kind of synchronicity going on.,11711,1549284,00.html

      I agree with you comments re Avril Latrine. The female guitar players I know absolutely HATE her.

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      Just in addition to my previous post…

      I just saw the Guardian Article you had linked to from your blog.

      “Rock chic … Avril Lavigne has inspired a new generation of female guitar players. ”

      Inspired my ass … maybe inspired a lot of girls to say shit I can get do it better then her. Apart from being female I just don’t see her as the inspiration for most of these new all-chick punk/rock bands. Very few are aspring to be like her.

      It is the Guardian but – so can’t expect much more then an Avril reference 😀

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      Great thread GL…

      I agree with you. Working on the band listings here I have a seen a gradual increase in the number of all chick bands submitting. Maybe retalliation to the more and more Britneys and Jessicas over the last few years. I can’t even think of an all chick band in recent years who has made it mainstream big – not chicks playing instruments at least. They are taking a stand by showing us that chicks in 2000 can do more then churn on shitty pop songs.

      I could be way off but – being far from an expert on chicks 😀

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      That speaker cabinet was a nuisance because it was blocking my view of a very nice looking bass player!

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      ..hhhmmm.. 🙄 I’ve never seen a grill like that on a side PA cabinet. Wonder what that is. Nice shoes..pumps. Friends of yours???


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