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      BTW, my fave category on GFY is “Say Hello and Introduce Yourself”.

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      🙂 As if Aussies would pay good Vegemite money to import a series of Miss Marple. The GFY site is not ultra-new. If you remember when Randall amps were first mentioned here, I had a rummage and GFY turned up with a category. Not quite useful, but it did spur me to create a “Welcome” screen complete with tumbleweed and a “bell clangs as wind whistles across desert” wav. Must send it on to him 😉

      As you say, Michael, Eric’s shout was straight up and he returned to check comments. I don’t like the “I’ve just found a cool site” vanishers either. Still, on another forum, a thread on de-crackling amp pots came up and some guy appeared with “you dumb guys, you ought to check out this great place for best prices on new pots”

      When I pointed out a can of DWF costs the same and would last 40 years longer than the nasty Mongolian cack masquerading as potentiometers on that site, it all escalated rather quickly. When I found out the poster ran the flog-shop site, you could’ve greased my nipples and called me ‘tweaked’ I was so surprised. 😛

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      I’m not sure we have Miss Marple over here Lee but I’m guessing she’s sort of a Murder She Wrote x Inspector Morse hybrid that solves crime, no doubt dressed in a floral trenchcoat and dorky hat.

      Whatever the case, her name alone sounds annoying enough to turn me off.

      The Bill is about the only brit cop show I watch and even it now has turned into a pile of… time to resurrect Matt Boyden from the grave.

      As for Sir Spamalot here, I wonder if he will even check back.

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      Great detective work Michael, poor guy never stood a chance when you got on the case did he?
      This all sounds like the script for a Miss Marple TV show, yes that show thats usualy on a Sunday afternoon and has everybody in a panic to find the remote before the title sequences have begun, that theme tune sends shivers up my spine, god i hate that woman 👿
      I think you should get on over to his ‘nappysack’ site and post a few identical ads there, but then again, i dont think many people will see it, bit like Miss Marple. 😆

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      I dunno Lee, reminds me of baby poop that colour 😀

      What I find rather odd is:

      The user jgriffin187 posted twice about that site and as you can see from this post, he says: “I just found this….”

      However, when I did a whois on the domain, I got this:
      Registrant: Josh Griffin

      Now jgriffin187 is here and the site owner is called Josh Griffin, doesnt take a rocket scientist…. 🙂

      His email address used to register the domain is nearly identical to the one he registered here with, including the digits 187. Those same digits used twice by two different people. c’mon.

      I don’t have a prob when people want to let us know about their sites, bands, whatever, as seen with the Joe Satriani post. But when they try to deceive us all, well…. there isn’t an emoticon to convey it 🙂

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      Michael, i think this guy is trying to bundle all your contributers in the back of van and kidnapp them over to his new forum!! i must say it looks a lot snazzier than yours, but its like a ghost town there, i felt like the Omega man. 😆

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