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    I am about to purchase a PRS custom 24 with Mccarty electronics and was wondering if anyone with a Mccarty or Mccarty electronics has any insight into good combos as far as overdrive goes as well as amp choices. The music I play is like psychedelic funk rock(kind of like Floyd meets the Meters). Thanks!

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      If you go for an Orange dont go for ‘The Rocker’ it has no headroom for the cleaner style you want.
      It’s not that i dislike the sound and feel of a PRS, they would quite suite the styles of music i play, but its the over the top ornate detail i dislike.
      And the fact you have no choice but to pay for it.

      PRS sound is OK.

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      Hello Scott, welcome to the forum and you’ve already met our resident PRS disliker 😆 . It’s true that people say “PRS-Mesa” almost in the same breath, but I think the Mesa would be the wrong choice for your type of music. All that cascading gain stuff in the preamp I don’t see you’d have much use for. My guess (guessing because I don’t know The Meters) is that the OD should be a bit more restrained; a warm breakup.

      I’d be inclined to a vintage British amp (or something new that harks back to them). Gilmour, for instance, used a Hiwatt. They’re mega-expensive in used originals or reissue guise, but then Mesas aren’t cheap either. Hiwatts are famously “clean” sounding for a valve amp which may suit the funky side, but you may prefer more breakup. Of the Brits, I’d try Orange (vintage or reissue) and Marshall for a bit more crunch.

      Would this combo/amp be for gigging, low volume, or both? If I knew, I’d be a bit more specific. Also, would you prefer new from the shop or are you willing to risk used vintage? Price area and your country of residence would be useful info, too.

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      I thought PRS only worked in Messa Boogie amps?
      Seems like everyone pairs it up with one of those.
      Dont have a PRS, they always seem to be over ornate, why bother putting
      a peice of Indian Rosewood on a fingerboard if you have a far more expensive peice of Brazillian rosewood, no sound difference, just a little darker looking, but charge an extra £200 and whittle the rain forest down a bit more.

      Keith Richards once said ‘The eyes are the whores of the body’ .

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