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    I bought a bass guitar on ebay for my son for christmas. It is black with a light color wood neck, and Grand Prix written in gold script on headstock. On the front of the body is a large black plastic plate with a white lower bottom layer visible from the side of the plate. The plate also encompases a thumb rest, a 2 part split pickup, two knobs, and the plug hole. The strings thread through the body to 4 adjustable Tailstocks. It has black Grover tuners; when I messed with guitars around 1970 Grover tuners were only on the better guitars, like Martin. I searched web as I bid on it but found only new guitars, amps, and car racing stuff. This bass has two small labels, a white one on the back of the neck at the body with a black number 1201737 inside of an outline box. The second label is on the back of the body on the neck adjustment cover, it is gold with black letters, hard to read, but probably H830B/B. My sons friends, true beginners, like the Grand Prix better than their new store bought axes. Anyone know who made this thing? Thanks

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