Greer Super Hornet Octave Fuzz

Greer Amps announces that it is now shipping their new NOS-based circuit octave fuzz pedal called Super Hornet.

Greer Amps Super Hornet Octave Fuzz

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This pedal is based on a vintage “Foxx Tone Machine”, an old pedal that provides a distinct fuzz tone with octave effect, only this one is tweaked to the taste of the Greer Amps team.

It is said that for a long time, the company has been looking to build a workhorse-worthy modded version of the original. And now that they have actually finished the design and production, they are happy and proud of the result.

While it is indeed inspired by a vintage Foxx Tone Machine, Greer amps started from the ground up by taking the building blocks of the vintage circuit and tweaking it to their liking. This means that this pedal is not a mere replica, rather a modern reproduction with Greer’s own distinct twist to the design.

Speaking of twists, the new Greer Super Hornet pedal features NOS BC-107B transistors, specifically added into the design to give this pedal a distinct voicing that’ll make it viable for today’s players, while still retaining the fuzz tone of the original. The company describes the resulting sound as being able to switch between light fuzz to an aggressive wall of fuzz tones!

An important feature of this pedal is its modern octave toggling capabilities. Instead of merely just engaging the octave feature, the pedal lets you conveniently start and stop the octave effect by stepping on a momentary switch. This is possible when on “Stinger” mode. The company elaborates, “You’ll notice that there is an octave toggle, like on the vintage units, that these pedals are styled after but that’s not just a straight-forward on/off toggle. When the toggle is in stinger mode, the momentary stinger switch becomes active. You can simply stand on the momentary switch to engage the octave for a lead run, then come off of the stinger switch to return to normal fuzz, or even tap the switch, to flutter the octave on and off.”

Switching to octave mode turns the pedal into a traditional octave fuzz where stepping on the switch engages or disengages both the fuzz and octave effect at the same time.

Other features of the pedal include a main volume knob, which can be used to adjust the output volume of the pedal to your preference. The tone control sits right next to the volume knob, and it is designed to give the pedal a wider sweep, which in-turn allows for more versatility and use.

Greer Amps conclude: All in all, this pedal is a perfect addition to any guitar or BASS player’s tone arsenal. The octave even works in low fuzz settings!

The new Greer Super Hornet Octave Fuzz pedal is now shipping to their dealers with an MAP of $225.99. For further details, you can head over to Greer Amps.

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