Guitar Affair launches unique new service for guitar enthusiasts

Guitar Affair has announced general availability of its offering that has been in testing with select customers since January. The new Guitar Affair service targets guitar enthusiasts who frequently travel for business as well as those who wish to demo limited availability guitars prior to purchasing them.

Under the new program, customers can rent a variety of high-end and boutique guitars, and have them shipped to any location in the US; be it their residence, a hotel where they are residing for business, or a vacation location. In addition to well known guitars like Gibson and Fender Custom Shop guitars, Guitar Affair has struck dealer relationships with small and boutique manufacturers whose guitars are seldom seen in stores. For those who are trying a guitar prior to purchase, Guitar Affair rebates the rental fees when the customer elects to purchase a guitar. The new service allows guitar enthusiasts to enjoy high-end instruments wherever they are, and to demo boutique instruments that would often have to be purchased without trying them.

Guitar Affair allows interested players who may be on the fence about a brand they haven't seen every day of their lives to try it for themselves in the comfort of their own home. The rental and demo service is currently available in the United States with plans to expand internationally in 2010.

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