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There are probably thousands of artists and bands around the world that have websites. It is beyond the scope and mission of this Guitar Links site to link to them all. On this site are just a few of the popular artists & sites that have come to the attention of the Webmaster.

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where to go to find out about your favourite band…

Artist Direct
A list of links to home pages, newsgroups, official and unofficial web sites and other Internet sources for almost every pop and rock band from any era you can think of…plus
Radio stations, record labels, clubs & concerts, record stores, music news, mags & ezines, charts…
All-Music Guide Comprehensive band histories, discographies etc. An ongoing project to review and rate all music
(whether in-print CDs or out-of-print on vinyl). Aim to achieve a concensus by expert music free-lance
writers as to the best music.

All-Music Guide Search

Trouser Press 70/80/90s Alternative Rock Record Guide.

Yahoo list of Guitarists from Akkerman to Zappa

See over 100 members of the Hard Rock WebRing

Rolling Stone Magazine – A-Z search for all articles on artists, songs & albums

NME New Musical Express – UK’s most popular music website

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame includes 500 Songs That Shaped Rock And Roll. Get a glimpse of the famous Rock and Roll Hall of Fame + Museum in Cleveland, Ohio. The exhibits bring to life the sights, sounds, and experiences of artists, songwriters and producers from every era. John Peel’s Festive 50’s For those that have never been fortunate enough to hear his show, John Peel was a British DJ with BBC Radio 1. John broadcasted a listeners poll of favourite records each from at least 1976 until his unexpected death in 2004.

Guitar History…

Although many people in the 1950s thought that rock
and roll would be a passing fad, by the 1960s it
was clear that this music was firmly rooted in
American culture. And electric guitarists had
become the superstars of rock. Live
performances in large halls and open-air
concerts increased the demand for greater
volume and showmanship. Popular groups like
the Beatles and the Rolling Stones generated an
international following that verged on the hysterical.

By then, most rock guitarists were no
longer aiming to achieve clean, cutting sounds
on the electric guitar. They began to
experiment, and new sounds and textures, like
distortion and feedback, became part of the
guitarist’s language. Jimi Hendrix was rock’s
great master of manipulated sound. By using
techniques such as maneuvering the guitar‘s
tremolo arm and playing close to the amplifier,
Hendrix achieved spectacular effects.

Throughout the 1970s and 1980s guitarists
continued experimenting. Their new musical
vocabulary emphasized loud, raunchy power
chords, flashy solos, and overall volume,
becoming known as heavy metal. Eddie Van Halen experimented with sounds like “dive
bombing,” using the tremolo arm to drive the
guitar‘s lowest note even lower. Hendrix had
done this and frequently forced the instrument
out of tune as a result. But by the mid-1980s,
inventor Floyd Rose had improved solid-body
guitar tremolo systems, making it possible to
“dive bomb” repeatedly.

from the story of the commercial success of the electric guitar

Classical Guitarists Resources & Biography

Classical Guitar:
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Artists 2 |
Anatomy |
History |
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