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    Anyone have any views/advice/recomendations on guitar cables, i want to spend a maximum of £30 (5) a cable, im looking for reliability as well as quality, im sick of repairing mine.
    I want 15-25ft length.
    Any ideas??

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      It would be nice if us Brits could have dual membership of the EU and NAFTA. That would annoy (say) the French, but there are other benefits as well 😆 .

      An alternative to Monster (good as they are, but expensive) for you, Lee. A lot of very navel-fluffing discussion on guitar-amp leads has gone around The Bottom Line (twice). Many like the Canare cable and Neutrik or Switchcraft jacks. A few guitarists on Plexi rated them too. There are a number of UK people on Fleeb who must have reels of Canare and will make up leads for you.

      Of course, you have to rely on their soldering being up to spec but the # and % of feedbacks can be a guide.

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      i ordered today a 21ft angled to straight, and a 12ft angled to straight Monster 500 rock cables, new from the states including postage $75 even with a bit of tax/VAT and handling fees from Parcel Farce it’s still cheaper than rip-off Britain, if only we could extend the friendly hand of EU partnership to the US, we could all drive around in Monster trucks and use Monster cables 😆
      Monster raving Mad.

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      Go with the monster cable. I use three 21 foot “angled to straight” monster rock cables. Two go to my effects loop, and one goes to the front of my amp. I also use a twelve foot staight monster rock cable from my guitar to my effectts board. In addition to those, I use seven of their 6 inch patch cables for the stomp boxes. I’ve never hd any problems with any of the above, not to mention that the plugs are gold plated for better conductivitity. The 21 footers cost about fifty dollars a piece, the 12 footer was about thirty dollars, and the 6 inch patch cables were twenty dollars a piece. The sound quality is there. I won’t use any other cables. Wow! I should be a sales rep for these guys after that review 😆

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      Funny you say that Ray, im just enquiring about a monster 500 21 ft and 12 ft cable, the guy says he’ll do both for $75 inc postage, i think that seems quite good, the same thing here would cost almost double that.

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      I am using a Monster cable. It seems pretty good but I can’t really vouch for its durability because I am not playing out these days.

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