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    Guitar Fretboard Addict v1.4 has been released, adding support for displaying the note pitch in standard music notation alongside the fretboard and configurable note display options.

    Screenshot of Guitar Fretboard Addict

    Developer description:
    “Whether you are a beginner or experienced guitar player you will find this program useful as a fun tool for learning and practicing the guitar fretboard which ultimately will help you improve your guitar playing. This program will help you improve your visual, mental, and listening guitar skills which will help you play better, faster, and by ear. In addition, this program will help you correlate pitch with the guitar fretboard and improve your reading ability of standard music notation. This program is well suited for any level of musician or student. Since this is a program also available for a mobile device it has the added benefit of being able to go with you wherever you go. Now you can learn and practice the guitar fretboard anywhere you have a PC or take your mobile device.”

    Website: http://guitaraddict.net/

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