Guitar Zero 2010 – Here are The Ugliest Guitar Winners!

Here are the results of our annual Ugly Guitar competition. In past years we’ve had some strange winners, but this year the winner was in some ways stranger than usual.

For the first time two different versions of the same guitar got nominated – and it hasn’t even gone on sale yet!

The voting was extremely close in the end with first and second place being separated by only 4 votes.

10. Machine Gun

Ugly guitar - Machine Gun Fellatio


9. Ibanez Restoration Fail

Ugly guitar - Ibanez Restoration Fail


8. Flying VWXYZ

Ugly guitar - Flying VWXYZ


7. One unlucky guitarist was given this monstrosity by his Mom

Ugly guitar - monstrosity


5. An animal theme gave us a tie for the next spot – Spiderweb & Big Foot

Ugly guitar - Spiderweb

Ugly guitar - Big Foot


4. Firebird X with the original finish before Gibson delayed it’s release

Ugly guitar - Gibson Firebird X - Original Finish


3. Camper than a Van

Ugly guitar - Camp Van


2. Mannequin – Just Plain Wrong!

Ugly guitar - Mannequin


1. The Guitar Zero of 2010 is

Gibson Firebird X

Ugly guitar - Firebird X Bowling Ball Finish

3 thoughts on “Guitar Zero 2010 – Here are The Ugliest Guitar Winners!”

  1. junk guitars

    Surprising not to see any “Hallmark” guitars in the “top” ten! Some of the ugliest things ever made…yech

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