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    samantha m.

    A band preparing for its debut album on a major label is looking for a GUITARIST!
    We are located in NYC, auditions start asap.

    E-mail me at [email protected].


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      oops I should have finished my Message 😛 I’m not insuating that anyone on this list would do something like that. I’m just saying to be a little wary about this sort of thing in the begining, and don’t be a dumbass like me, and start sending people original stuff without some sort of agreement. Actually I sent him two soungs… one was mostly backup type playing, but pretty fast speed guitar type stuff… da ddd da ddd da ddd da ddd da type beat.

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      About a year ago I replied to a Radio Cry for help for a local band in North Eastern PA. The dude sounded real nice, asking about when we could meet up and stuff. He asked me about stage presance… I’ve only played live a few times in school (not in THE school band). He wanted to know what I looked like, 6’1″ 190 Pounds, dark hair, dark skin (for a white boy) Blue-Gray eyes, tatoos and all that. He asked if I had any original demo songs. I sent him one that sounds sort of Early Joe Satriani(ish). Never heard back from him again… I’m just waiting to hear my song on the radio so I can sue his ass, bloody theivin bastard. 👿

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      4/5 strings, unable to post a slightly complex paragraph without e-problems, I could be “The One”

      Still, any band with “left” in their address and a Samantha asking, gotta be worth a look. Checking ‘budget’ flights to NYC…

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      Go for it Bass, this could be it, the big one.

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