GuitarSlinger presents the Dario Lorina Custom Overdrive Pedal

GuitarSlinger Products has collaborated with Dario Lorina (of Lizzy Borden), to produce the Signature Model Dario Lorina Custom Overdrive Pedal.

Dario Lorina Custom Features:

– Signal processing like best tube amps

– True Bypass

– Strictly limited edition

– Classy “vintage” wiring

– Alpha pots with metal shafts

– Status LED for battery check

– Runs on the DC power supply

– Hand selected condenser and resistance

– Hand selected op amps and transistors

– Heavy duty, well-shielded casing

– Full control with guitar volume

– Totally handcrafted in Tokyo/Japan

– Retail Price €289 (incl. VAT)

– 2 Year Guarantee

This is a Press Release

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3 thoughts on “GuitarSlinger presents the Dario Lorina Custom Overdrive Pedal”

  1. I'm thinking if the above
    Mikey James

    I’m thinking if the above guitar stomp box is going to be worth my money. I need to find some feedback about it.

  2. The stomp box is quite
    Benney Kent

    The stomp box is quite pricey but I’m feeling it will offer more than what it looks it can give. The gadget should be worth to try.

  3. The looks is really catchy
    Jake Boyd

    The looks is really catchy but does it sound good like the Boss overdrive stomp box?

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