Guthrie Govan to present the next live webcast from Lick Library

Guthrie Govan, internationally recognised guitar virtuoso, is to present the next live webcast from Lick Library. This groundbreaking interactive event with live video and chat will start on the 5th May 2010 at 19.00 (BST), 11.00 USA-PST, or 14.00 USA-EST.

Lick Library have uploaded on to their You Tube channel clips featuring some of the web lessons, performances and interviews Guthrie Govan has done for them to wet your appetite. If you follow the links you can pre-register any questions here or enter it on the chat box on the webcast page as you watch the presentation.

Guthrie Govan, one of Lick Library’s guitar teachers, will play some of his tracks during the webcast demonstrating his command of the electric guitar and his huge technical ability. Guthrie is famous for his vast range of influences (Hendrix and Clapton through to Steve Vai to name but a few) and his latest album was described by Joe Satriani as “Totally freakin awesome!!!”.

You can ask Guthrie Govan a question and he will answer live on air and whilst you are there you can also interact with other Lick Library members as you enjoy the ultimate free guitar lesson.

To be a part of this awesome event register FREE online at and get those fingers moving in a new way!

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