Handwired-Effects announces the VOD-1 Vintage Overdrive

Handwired-Effects has announced the VOD-1 Vintage OverDrive. This strictly limited, up-to-date version of a classic overdrive pedal was designed with a new generation of discerning players in mind who covetes the warm and singing tube-tone of the original “Holy Grail,” yet desires an added modern-day kick. The VOD-1 features a 3-way toggle switch for increasing low/mid frequencies making it possible to optimize the tone depending on the pickups of your choice, be it classic single coil or PAF, or even active pickups. Moreover, we added an additional Boost switch that simply boosts the dB of the guitar signal. What goes in, comes out – only louder! It's perfect for soloing, boosting amps or boosting other pedals.

VOD-1 is carefully handcrafted and handwired to deliver pure overdrive sound that remains transparent and expressive even at the maximum gain without producing undesired boomy lows and harsh highs. Use this pedal with a clean amp to create a natural tube-like overdriven tone, or use it with an already distorted amplifier for more power and sustain.

Like all the other “Handwired-Effects” pedals, the VOD-1 features mechanical true bypass switching for direct and unchanged signal in bypass mode. Furthermore, it uses hand-selected components to provide the purest, smoothest overdrive, offering a highly dynamic response to picking technique. In other words, if you're a skilled player controlling your sound with the volume knob on the guitar, the VOD-1 will deliver what you've been craving for.

VOD-1 Vintage OverDrive Features:

– True Bypass

– Boost Switch

– 3-Way Toggle Switch for Increasing Low/Mid Frequencies

– Signal Processing Like Best Tube Amps

– Alpha Pots with Metal Shafts

– Blue LED for On/Off

– Green LED for Boost Switch

– Runs on the DC Power Supply (DC 9V / 200 mA)

– Hand-Selected Condenser, Resistance, IC and Transistors

– Heavy Duty, Well-Shielded Casing

– Full Control with Guitar Volume

– Totally Handcrafted and Handwired by Markus Goetsch

– Sound Design and Innovation by Jay Winkler & Markus Goetsch

– Dimensions: 90mm (W) x 115mm (D) x 35mm (H)

– Strictly Limited Edition

– Retail Price €239 (excl. VAT)

– 1 Year Guarantee

The VOD-1 Vintage OverDrive is now available for pre-order for €239.

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