Hanson Pickups launches new guitar line

Hanson Musical Instruments has announced a full line of electric guitars available in August 2009. Branded as 'Hanson Guitars' the initial offerings include 4 solid-body models: The Cigno and Cigno ST based on a set-neck triple-P90 design, and the Firenze and Firenze ST which are triple mini-humbucker equipped, bolt-on neck models. Retail price points range between $799-$899 (Est. $575 – $650 Street price).

Hanson Guitar

Aesthetically, the Hanson designs recall the Italian side of the late 50’s early 60’s electric guitar explosion. However, from a practical design standpoint, the new models are appointed with professional-grade hardware and components that experienced guitarists expect from a modern instrument, but usually at a much higher price point. Hanson’s extensive pickup design experience produced an electronics array that sonically competes with the best pickup offerings at any price.

Additional models, including 2, dual-PAF set-neck models, the “Gatto” and “Gatto ST” and semi-hollow body “Chicagoan” model will all be available in October 2009. Pricing on the “Gatto” and “Chicagoan” models are yet to be announced.

For more information, please visit www.hansonguitars.com

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  1. Re: Hanson Musical Instruments has announced a full line of electric... Hanson Pickups launches new guitar line
    John Brightwell

    I was given the opportunity to show these guitars at the 2009 Summer NAMM show in Nashville. I have been playing guitar since I was 4 years old, professionaly for 34 years. I’ve owned a few guitars. If you have a chance to see, hear and get a handful of these guitars, you won’t be disappointed. The feel is vintage vibe down the line. The first thing you will notice, is that are VERY well made. They feel solid in your hand. They beg to truly be played.
    The next thing you will notice is the array of pick ups. Not your typical line up of, humbuckers and single coils. But Mini humbuckers, that remind us of the late 60’s Firebirds, and a touch of the vintage Filter Trons. Smooth tone and enough twang to even make the faithful Tele Masters take notice. Oh but there’s more! Hanson has created a Magnificent P90 that they have employed most tactfully. Nothing like the tone of a slightly overwound P90. Match these BEASTS with solid mahogany and tone wise, you’re there! Pure Bliss. Hanson has created a very diverse line of guitars. All very unique in appearance and in tone.
    I have my request in for the Chicagoan. This will be my replacement for my 1964 Gretsch 6120 Nashville. And an excelent replacement it is. John and Bo have given these guitars a lot of thought. Just go to the website, then get your hands on one. These are boutique quality guitars at an affordable price. As I stated, you won’t be disappointed.
    Thanks John and Bo for your creative contribution to the world of guitars.
    John Brightwell
    Atlanta Ga

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