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    Jesus. This Guitar Rig 2 is fekkin unbelievable.

    Was playing with a lad last Sunday who came along with a Vox er, Voxy thing what’s got a valve in it. And the pedals. So anyway. The guy has Guitar Rig 2 himself but binned it cos his latency was no ggod. Poor feller. I have an RME Multiface going into Sonar on a 2.4 GHz P4 with 2 hard disks and shit. Guitar Rig is the most incredible piece of software of all time. Presets are spot on.

    So. Signing off again, Your Lou, With err, two, RME doodely-doos ina doo-doo.


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      That does touch on my other problem with them. I used to play through the bass Pod…how do you know when you have the best sound? There might be a better one lurking at the end of another 3 hours of knob-twiddling!

      I achieve my best sound by flicking the switch marked ‘power’ (although some may disagree!)

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      My Vox thing has a valve in it, maybe he’s talking about the Tonelab SE?
      Line 6 POD now have a mini pod, fits in the palm of your hand, kind of like the pandora but kidney shaped, and red, i agree with Tim, the software emulators do get better and better, guitarport is excellent.

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      I pretty much expended myself on the other thread!

      Sonar is good though, the guy I used to play for (must give him a name someday to save typing that every time) mainly records and produces now and he’s always sworn by it.

      Be good to hear a demo at somepoint, I’ve always been a bit sceptical of emulators but they do seem to be coming of age a bit now. I think maybe the processing power available has caught up with the concept a little (apart from my PC of course, major laaaaag when recording!). It does save buying a bunch of different rigs/guitars. I’m not fully sold yet though…

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      😆 , I understood “valve” and “P4 2.4GHz” but the rest lost me (Tim’ll chime in with something equally complex no doubt). You’re a Goodfella, though 🙂

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