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    in Finland.

    That means I’m on hoiliday and the kids are off to granny’s cottage leaving me at home for 4 weeks finally dedicated to my computer.

    1st time in 3 years I get some time to myself. So, of course tonight I’m drinking beer and saying hello to my favourite forums.

    I read this one every now and then. I love playing guitars. I bought a Seagull a coustic in February. It’s really loud. I live in an apartment block, so I don’t like thinking the neighours are bothered. Anyway, I will play this holiday.
    My Tele is sounding gtreat with new RME’s and I use the Guitar Rig virtual amp thing. It’s fantastic. I had thew Line 6 Guitar Port, but it’s a oain in the neck. It thinks your a hobby guitarist (which I am) but the fekker sleals all your audio ports if you open Sonar.

    Well. It’s OK, but the guitar Rig is so great. I go straight inyp my JoeMeek VC3 and then into my RME Multiface. I got a PC 2.4g with 2xHdd ande Sonar 6. My latest acquisition was Spectraswonix RMX drum module. Check that out. It5’s dirt cheap and brilliant drums.

    So. Happy Midsummer’s from Finland


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      Sound’s sweet, I’m still plugging into a Terratec DMX 6fire and I only have 1gig ram, by the time I lay a third track down I have to compensate for more and more lag, nasty.

      Hope the holiday goes well, is it original stuff you’re recording?

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