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      Well————— I’ll make this short. It is a Kay. I have 3 just like it exactly. Two of mine have the Old Kraftsman brand name on the headstock, the other says Kay

      For exact indentification send pics
      with a email to Ian Willis at [email protected] . He is the KING of this stuff.

      Jimmy Lloyd Rea

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      It looks a lot like a Howlin’ Wolf model EXCEPT the headstock looks wrong for a Kay. Is that a faint V shaped discoleration (darker) between the tuners? IT may be where the giant Kay logo fell off.
      Either way it smells like a valuable bass to me.

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      Hey, welcome,

      Lovely old bass but as you acknowledge…not a lot to go on 😕

      The finish looks almost exactly the same as my old Framus, the body is a bit Hofner-ish…
      Google’s not producing the good’s as yet I’m afraid but I’m intrigued now. Good to hear you’re not selling, do you play?

      I’ll keep looking (cos I want to know 🙂 )


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