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    I would like to have some details
    about madeira classic nylon string guitars

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      Hi Chino,

      I’m not really sure whether you are interested in technical details related to your instrument or Maderia guitars in general. I can tell you that the Maderia brand was the name given to Japanese copies of Fender and Gibson designs in the early 70’s. These guitars were distributed by Guild. The Maderia brand was revived in the 80’s by Guild to use on a series of import original and copy guitars. I’m not sure whether these instruments came from Japan or Korea. My hunch is your guitar was probably produced in this period. I have an 1988 Maderia acoustic flyer posted on my website so I know this brand name must have existed thru much of the 80’s. The Maderia brandname was revived again in the early 90’s and used on a brief run of Strat and Les Paul style guitars sold by Guild.

      That’s what I know about Maderia, I can’t really tell you anything about your classical other than it was likely made in Japan in the 1980’s. SB

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