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    My friend has just bought what he calls a £35 bargain from ebay, have a look:
    the speaker is supposed to be original 1969 bass speaker?? as is the cab, anyone have any info on it? ‘Sand Stone’ i think refers to a long extinct Norwegian prog rock band, he wanted it to convert into a 2×12, but then he did a bit of digging on the speaker and says he saw the 15″ version of the same unit going for £335.
    So can anyone solve the mystery??
    the s/no of the driver is 64eta3 the number on the back of the magnet reads 8400822

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      You’re getting plenty of answers over on PP and they’ll know more than I, but that’s certainly a deal for £33 and petrol. Mustard mitt, I thought it wasn’t a Marshall or at least fitted with a replacement driver. Marshall used Celestion practically all the time but LD50 on PP has the Doyle book and I don’t.

      The only note of back-to-earth I might mention is that, anyway, an 18″ driver is not as desirable as a 15″ because many guitarists will consider using a 1×15″ but they’d baulk at 18″. Bass players are MUCH less fascinated by vintage drivers (they’re often completely inferior to moderns on bass) and Goodmans Audioms don’t have the same Kudos as Celestions. Maybe take a pic of it and ask Ampaholics.com what they’d offer you for it. They seem to charge (and get) £3-400 for 12″ Audioms 😯

      I have two 2×12″ cabs with pre-Audiom Goodmans and (with guitar) they do sound gorgeous.

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      May want to ask over to the plexi palace..They have some folks there that know everything Marshall

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