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    Hi – I just bought a guitar (2nd hand) with a Wilkinson Bridge. The guitar has no strings and I can’t figure out how to string it! Do the strings feed in from the back like Fender or do they lock in like a Floyd Rose? I tried pushing the strings through from the back, but they only go so far and then stick. I can clamp the string in using the top screw and back screw, but then I can’t change the intonation as it is clamped in at longest possible scale length. Can anyone help me out here? Thanks

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    It is odd. I’m sure it is a back feeder like a Fender. However the string wouldn’t go all the way through the hole. I couldn’t even see light through the hole. On the bottom of the tremlo (where the springs are) there is a threaded insert that sits in the hole itself (leaving a tiny gap for the string). When I took that out, a long narrow length of metal came out with a wedged shaped end. Without this piece of metal, I could get the string through and then wedged the metal in behind the string (a bit like an acoustic bridge pin). I then re-attached the threaded insert behind the piece of metal. It seems to be functional, but I’m sure something is not right. It shouldn’t be this difficult – you are supposed to be able to change strings without tools.

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