Henneken Archtops

Custom made stringed instruments.

Handmade “candycoloured” jazzguitars and other sort of guitars
& stringed instruments of traditional, original
and “very original” design…

2 thoughts on “Henneken Archtops”

  1. A GREAT LUTHIER, and a even greater gentleman, to have build you, your very own archtop jazzbox…. As large as you want,anyway, that you want… CONTACT HIM, A.S.A.P.!!!!…..

    1. Re: Commets

      I agree, Jay:

      This is one nice gentleman, and very reasonable with the pricing of his guitars… He will make for you whatever it is that you want, the way you want, how you want…. Once you recieve your instrument for him, you will be PROUD, as to what it is that you have gotten….. So far, he has had 6 orders for his jazzboxes from the states, and the list CONTINUES to grows…. Order one for yourself, before he gets the hint, and enters higher price bracket!!!!!!……..

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