Henriksen The Bud Amp

The Bud from Henriksen Amps is a 2-channel multipurpose combo amp that can handle guitars and microphones.

Henriksen The Bud

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This 9″x9″x9″ cube is the company’s all-in-one solution for the need to have a convenient single piece of equipment that can amplify different types of guitars and mics, without compromising sound quality.

Having dual XLR and 1/4″ inputs allow for two instruments to be plugged in, making it ideal for singing guitarists who will then be able to plug-in a mic to capture vocals and amplify it along with the guitar signal.

This multiple input is complemented by the amp’s 2 channel design, with each channel having independent 5 band EQ controls. This will let you tweak and shape the vocals without affecting the sound of the guitar and vice versa. It is this 5-band EQ control that makes The Bud a true versatile amp that can handle the various types of guitars and pickups by simply adjusting the EQ to fit the tone.

On top of its expanded tone shaping features, Henriksen equipped the amp with reverb effect, and like the EQ section, reverb is also independent on each channel so you can have different settings to accommodate two different sounds.

Like most modern amps, The Bud comes with a 1/8” Aux input where you can plug-in your music player, which in today’s case would be your smartphone, tablet or laptop. This turns the amp into a powerful speaker for your multi-media devices, and can be used for playing with backing tracks, studying songs, practicing or when you simply want to take a break to listen to music you like.

Henriksen The Bud

Also included in the amp is a studio quality line out port. This will let you connect the amp to the PA, outputting the post EQ and post reverb signal. A headphone out is also provided should you wish to practice quietly. Finally, a parallel speaker out is available if you are looking to add extension guitar speaker cabinets. The Bud’s 120 watts of power is more than enough to handle any extension speaker that you want to use to make your sound louder.

Henriksen Amps concluded, “The Bud prototype stopped traffic at the winter NAMM show in 2015, simultaneously garnering praise and disbelief for its sound quality and diminutive appearance. From electric jazz guitarists like Bobby Broom to acoustic fingerstyle masters like Sean McGowan, The Bud has been stunning musicians who play through it around the world.”

The Bud amplifier is currently retailing for $999 and production models are now shipping through their retail network. Visit Henriksen for further details.

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